How it Works

How to use your stickpack


Tear stickpack open at the pre-cut side


Put content of stickpack in a glass (±250ml, for full flavor) or into your water bottle (±500ml, for a delicious hint of raspberry flavor)


Add tap water and shake & stir as you find necessary



Our Story

TapFruit: the sustainable thirst quencher

We are Fabian Roobeek and Ernst Visscher, founders of Limo de Janeiro B.V., the company behind TapFruit. Having worked long hours every day as consultants for a large professional services company, we were tired of endless cups of coffee and tea in the office – but also disliked the soda we sometimes consumed for that sugar rush. All of this, we found, was quite ineffective...

Currently, we are running a crowdfunding campaign on OnePlanetCrowd. We have decided to use this platform because Fabian was actually involved in kickstarting it years ago! Helping us crowdfund our first batch of TapFruit will help us achieve the following big goals...

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With TapFruit you help reduce waste from plastic bottles

Here’s our Top 5 on why we think that is important!

When drinking TapFruit, you drink 2,8 grams of natural fruit sugars

Here is why we think that reducing your sugar intake to something so low is a good idea!

Contact Us

For all inquiries, please send an email to
Limo de Janeiro’s registered address is Europaplein 115I | 1079AX Amsterdam | The Netherlands

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Ernst Visscher


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