Frequently asked questions

  • TapFruit consists of 85% raspberries. We buy the raspberries from B&B Fruit, a farm that has been around in the Dutch Betuwe since 1926. In addition, there is 14.7% pear in there, also from B&B fruits. The fruits are made into a puree, after which a little bit (0.3%) of natural flavouring is added – to counter a slight loss in taste from pasteurization
  • Every stickpack consists around 5 raspberries and a piece of pear, thus supporting your daily fruit intake. The fruit is not from concentrate

We, Fabian and Ernst, have created TapFruit for three reasons:

  • To help you get your daily water intake, preferably with tap water, so you stay hydrated and sharp
  • To encourage you to use your water bottle more often and thus help you reduce the usage of plastic bottles, whether these contain water of soda
  • To create awareness about the negative impact of the overdose of sugar in our diets by providing an alternative for sugary soda’s (because we really don’t need that much sugar)

  • Of course you can, but we are proud of the high quality of tapwater in the Netherlands and Germany – and of the infrastructure underlying access to clean drinking water
  • We believe that in all countries where with a normal water filter (if necessary) tap water is perfectly drinkable, bottled water is a waste of costs, a source of unnecessary transport emissions, and provides generations to come with plastic waste for no reason
  • We understand bottled water may provide convenience, but with TapFruit we aim to encourage you having your water bottle with you at all times!

  • Yes, for this first batch of small volume it was difficult to avoid a foil that did not need a plastic laminate. The material we now use is PET12/Alu9/PE70. We need these three layers (two of which are plastic, the middle one is aluminum) to ensure the stickpacks can be pasteurized and have a long enough shelflife afterwards
  • One stickpack contains less than 5% of the packaging material of a plastic bottle. For every stickpack that is used in a normal water bottle, more than 95% of packaging material is saved. A big additional gain is in the reduction of CO­­2 emissions, since with TapFruit we only have 1/25th of the trucks of bottled water and soda
  • On of our crowdfunding goals is to develop the opportunity of biodegradable packaging. With your help we aim for a bio-degradable package or a package that could be 100% recycled in the near future. This is the goal we want to work towards, but we have decided to take the approach of going ‘step by step’ in making all aspects of TapFruit as sustainable as possible!

  • Sugar itself isn’t bad. For instance, it is naturally present in many fruits. But too much sugar, and too much sucrose, fructose, or high corn syrup can be harmful. So although healthy fruits contain natural sugar, the problem is that most food & drinks contain too much sugar (and sugar substitutes and sweeteners), making sure you stay addicted to sweetness.
  • We believe that it is time to help people start consuming radically less sugar. TapFruit may be perceived as less sweet in the beginning, because your taste buds need to get accustomed to a different, more subtle taste than to a hard sugar rush

  • It’s great that you drink a lot of tap water already, keep it up!
  • Do you drink enough water overall? It has been proven that adding a taste to water stimulates the daily water intake – we make it easier to drink (tap) water
  • For those of us for whom water becomes a bit ‘boring’ after a while, add some TapFruit every now and then!
  • Kids like a taste to water too, so instead of providing them with sugared lemonade or soda, TapFruit is much better

  1. Tear stickpack open at the pre-cut side
  2. Put content of stickpack in a glass (±250ml, for full flavor) or into your water bottle (±500ml, for a delicious hint of raspberry flavor)
  3. Add tap water and shake & stir as you find necessary
  4. Enjoy!


  • On-the-go! The stickpacks are small and strong and are thus totally safe and easy to carry in your pocket or bag
  • In the office! Tired of endless cups of coffee and tea in the office, and don’t want to give in to those sweetened sodas? Drinking water is the best alternative, which can be even tastier when you add some TapFuit!
  • At school and at your university! Whether you are in (Business!) school or in university, TapFruit keeps you sharp and focused throughout the day!
  • During sports! You think sport drinks are healthy? Wonder if you think the same after reading this: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/shortcuts/2015/oct/13/sports-drinks-rehydration-drink-experts?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_WhatsApp


  • In contrast to cordials, TapFruit consists of 99.7% pure fruit – which is much more expensive than fruit concentrates and than sugar, fructose or other sweeteners
  • We are currently only making TapFruit at a very small scale. At this stage, Fabian and Ernst have depleted their savings funds from working as consultants for a couple of years to develop the product and eventually have ordered the first series of 13.000 stickpacks
  • To make TapFruit available at a lower price, we depend on a rather Fordist model of volume – and that is why we need the crowd today. Only with your participation cane show our future investors what a large audience we need to cater to!